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My parents divorced when I was a teenager, so I have personally experienced the trauma and drama divorce can unexpectedly bring into your life and the lives of your family. I understand the importance of approaching these emotionally complex proceedings with as much personal dignity and mutual respect as can be mustered under such difficult circumstances. I am committed to adhering to this philosophy throughout your divorce and all family law proceedings.

Hourly Fee or Flat Fee Divorce. My family law services are generally offered on an hourly fee basis. I also offer some family law services on a flat fee basis. Flat fees will vary according to the issues presented by your unique case.  Most family law cases are settled or resolved before trial. This gives me the ability to offer you a very reasonable flat fee quote for all services leading up to trial. I will provide you a separate quote should trial be necessary. For more information about the option that works best for you, call me at (813) 293-2128 for a free telephone consultation.

I recognize that families take many forms. Alternative Family Law is an area of practice that addresses the unique legal needs of non-traditional families, including those lead by same sex couples. With the recognition by the state of Florida of same sex marriages, comes same sex divorce. I am eager to put my many years of experience representing representing LGBT clients and divorce clients to service representing clients in same sex divorce.

Collaborative Divorce.  While I offer all the traditional forms of representation, I advise many of my divorce clients to consider collaborative divorce.  This process helps divorcing couples work through difficult issues, while avoiding litigation.

Using collaborative divorce, couples and their attorneys agree in advance not to litigate. If either party ignores the agreement and goes to court, both attorneys are required to resign from the case. Here are some of the many benefits to collaborative divorce.

  • Control – You maintain control of the process instead of a judge.
  • Cost – In most cases, you save money.
  • Time – The process can go as fast or slow as you like.
  • Emotion – You have time to step back when emotions run high.

Call me to discuss whether collaborative divorce is an option for you.

Do it Yourself or pro se Divorce. Parties sometimes wish to represent themselves in less complex divorce or family law matters. The necessary forms can be found at the office of your county’s Clerk of Courts or on the Florida State Courts’ website.  However, many self-represented parties find these forms difficult or confusing, leaving them with unanswered questions.  I am here to help.  I can consult with you for a one-time office consultation at a flat fee to answer your questions and provide advice and instructions to assist you in representing yourself.  I can also represent you during mediation or court hearings on a limited basis, also for a flat fee. Call my office at (813) 293-2128 to discuss your questions and schedule an office consultation if necessary.


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